This was very interesting Greg. What you are describing can be supported by brain research. We know now that there can be no new learning unless someone has been brought into a relaxed state. Under any type of stress or pressurized situation, the front part of our brain (frontal lobes) actually shuts down. It's yet another reason why I love being a Waldorf teacher. I get to spend most of my time finding out what the perfect rythm for my class is before I bring something new. I can gauge the class's ability to absorb the new material. Then I can bring the new concept or we can spend more time experiencing what we already know through art, activity and practice. Thanks for the link! 🙂

P.S. Also not a surprise that you find it comfortable to do some concentrated work in the morning. As we sleep we digest new information and activities and we awake with a healthy level of forgetting and remembering. We are then the most fresh for a little bit of something new. Hence…..morning main lesson…….only practice in the afternoons!