A Desktop Wallpaper Gift from Trey Ratcliff

If you use your computer all day long, like I do, you know the importance of good desktop wallpaper. The wrong image can nag at you, break your concentration or make it uncomfortable to sit in front of your screen. Most people also use their desktops to personalize an otherwise unfeeling machine. Just look at the screens of the people around you: some have kids, some are nature lovers and some…well, you just wonder about them.

A year ago, photographer Trey Ratcliff gave away 1,000 free HD wallpaper images on his Google+ page, posting them under a Creative Commons noncommercial license. This means you can use them for personal stuff, like desktop wallpapers or phone backgrounds, your personal blog, etc. These are gorgeous images by one of the world’s top photographers. If you need them larger than 2500 pixels across, you can also download them full-size from his personal portfolio site.

Desktop wallpaper hints

  • Use a photo editing program to resize the image to the dimensions of your monitor(s). In Windows 7, right-click anywhere on the desktop and select “screen resolution” to find your screen size (other operating systems: you’re on your own).
  • If you have dual monitors, you can stretch the image across both of them by doubling the width of your image, then selecting “tile” as the picture position (again, in Windows 7).
  • Experiment with images until you find one that works well when it’s partially covered up, as it will be for much of the time you’re looking at it. I like fairly abstract or geometrical images for this reason.
  • Have fun!

The SpiralMy current wallpaper, “New Spires” (above) replaces this equally beautful image of a spiral staircase that is part of this wonderful collection. Thanks, Trey for your generosity.